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Nail Source Capture System

Product type: Clean Air Purification Systems for Salons
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Available in white or black

Nails Salon Ventilation Systems

Salon Air Ventilation Eliminates Salon Fumes, Nail Dust & Chemical Vapors. Portable Nail Salon Exhaust System with HealthyAir Technology

Aerovex Systems’ Nails Source Capture System with new Healthy Air ™ Technology is the next generation in nail salon ventilation technology. Our new portable air ventilation system is built to protect the breathing zones of nail technicians and prevent overexposure to monomer, acetone, and associated acrylic vapors and dusts.

Aerovex Systems Nails Source Capture System with new Healthy Air™ technology is designed specifically to remove nails chemical vapors & dust at the source, protecting both the technician's and client's breathing zone.

We have consulted with hundreds of nails professionals and incorporated their input into our new Nails Source Capture System. Highly effective, affordable, extremely user friendly, and yes, quiet! The next generation of salon ventilation has arrived!


Source Capture System with New Healthy Air Technology
  • Available with One or Two Exhaust arms for user with multiple tables
  • eHEPA Filter For Removing the Finest Nail Dust Particles – Advanced Chemical Adsorption & Catalytic Oxidation
  • 3 Speed High Flow Fan
  • Electronic Control Panel with Remote Wireless Controls
  • Easy & Convenient Filter Access
  • Pre-filter for Dust Particles
  • Activated Carbon Filter to aid hazardous chemical removal
  • Optional rectangle extraction hood to lay flat on table
  • Notification for filter change
  • Portable with wheels for easy relocation
  • Exceeds OSHA requirements
  • Available in Black or White
  • Quiet Operation Noise (dB) at 6 ft. (Setting: High/56 Medium/52 Low/51)

Available Replacements 
Pre-Filter Replacement
eHEPA Filter Replacement
Advanced Activated Carbon Filter








Title Standard price Discount Sale price  
Single Arm White with Round Hood $ 929
Dual Arm White with Round Hoods $ 995
Single Arm Black with Round Hood $ 929
Dual Arm Black with Round Hoods $ 995
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