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Sunflower II LED Light plus "The One That Works" Salon Air Purifier

Product type: Clean Air Purification Systems for Salons
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SunFlower II PLUS Salon Air Purifier Value Package! Get the SunFlower II w/LED Lighting to protect the breathing zone from dust and and fumes, and protect the entire salon with The One The Works Salon Air Purifier.

Buy the package and save a bundle!

SUNFLOWER II powerful Nail Dust Collector. Now with NEW LED Lighting provides softer, brighter, cooler & quiet nail dust extractor.

Nail dust is released into the air any time you file the nail, especially when using electric nail drills. These particles, much of which are microscopic, enter the air as soon as they leave the nail bed and then float about your salon and eventually end up everywhere – your clothes, your salon furniture, and the worst place of all, inhaled into your lungs. 
So how do we solve this problem?Fortunately, it is easy – by capturing the dust BEFORE it gets a chance to float about your salon, using a small source capture system such as the Sunflower II dust collector lamp.

The Sunflower II is mounted to the nail table and is positioned over the work area to literally vacuum up particles as they leave the client’s hand, using powerful suction to draw the nail dust in and capture it using it’s dual layered filter system. Equipped with a powerful halogen light, the Sunflower not only prevents the nail dust from polluting your salon air, it illuminates the area under it, where the nail technician is working.

"The One That Works"
The key to preventing illness or discomfort is keeping the air in your salon clean. Aerovex Systems' comprehensive salon ventilation control measures include a “3 Zone Protection” approach, including “The One That Works” salon air purifier, source capture ventilation and heating/air conditioning/ventilation (HVAC) filtration designed specifically for salons.

"The One That Works” Salon Air Purifier targets more than 350 pollutants including gases and odors from toxic chemicals and bacteria laden dusts currently found in nails & beauty salons.

“The One That Works” Salon Air Purifier does this by drawing polluted air in a 360 degree fashion through a bed of activated carbon, trapping chemical fumes and locking them away safely. A “fountain flow” of clean air continuously circulates throughout the salon. “The One That Works” machine-washable dust filter also removes any residual dust from the air.


Sunflower II Features:

  • Built-in bright light: LED Lighting
  • Air Flow: 135 CFM
  • Quiet Motor: Nose dBA: 45
  • Removes finely-ground nail dust
  • Removes UV-Gel Dust
  • A built-in HEPA- Quality filter system
  • Removes acrylic and other air pollutants
  • Activated Carbon Technology that eliminates chemical odors
  • Built-in bright light
  • Space saving compact design
  • Ultra portable & easy to maintain


"The One That Works" Air Purifier Features:

  • Cleans 400-600 cubic feet per minute. (Low speed 400 cfm, High speed 600 cfm)
  • Motor: 1/14 h.p./1550 rpm.
  • Is designed to run 24 hours/day on either speed
  • Is Completely Portable (15” h x 16.5” w)
  • Base unit, 28 lbs, 4-Plate Unit 30 lbs, 6-plate unit 32 lbs.
  • 3 wheel cart available to increase mobility.
  • Is very economical: High Speed-135 Watts/Low Speed-90 Watts
  • Uses High Grade Activated Carbon
  • Machine Washable Dust Filter
  • Polyurethane foam filter removes NAIL DUST & other particles as small as one micron

Available Sizes:

Model Sq. Ft. # of Nail Techs # of Stylists
Base Model 1,000 3 4





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